Loving Lanvin

23 Jan 2010

I (he)art This!

19 Jan 2010

These uber-cute-girly-chic pictures were drawn by the British artista Clare Owen. Wouldn't you just love hangin' one of thes beauties on your bathroom wall? I absolutely adore her 'polyvore'-sets, but her other stuff is great too! Definitely check out her blog http://apartment-story.blogspot.com

Looklove at the Golden globes

Watching the some Golden Globe pictures I discovered that A) i'm not such a big sucker for red-carpet-dresses OR B) a a lot of ladies got it afwully wrong!
The following looks were the only ones that did I like...

January Jones

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Can this be coincidence?

15 Jan 2010

Looklove: The gossip girls

Team Blake or team Leighton? Frankly I couldn't care less! They're both fabulous ;)
(And I simply can't get that polka dot Philip Lim dress out of my head...)

Afternoon Tea

12 Jan 2010

afternoon tea (2), originally uploaded by la.vie.en.mode.

This weekend I made some delicious dates-and-walnut-muffins together with my boyfriend. Just about half-an-hour ago, when I was craving for some afternoon sweetness, remembered there were still a few left. I topped it off with some sour cream et voilà...a delish sweet snack!

Back to the Nineties

Oh, yes it has arrived, the moment we've all been trembling for (well at least i have): the nineties revival!!! We've already seen some huge warning signs under the shape of grunge influences, and now the nineties are returning in their full glory: sportswear in your daily outfit (joggings, hoodies, etc), black "the matrix" sunglasses, neon-colours reminding of rave-parties and asymmetrical dresses...I gotta admit: not my favorite trends, although I can appreciate Proenza's version of it.
Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler




Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang
How about you? Are you up for a nineties comeback?

Looklove: Two times Alexa

11 Jan 2010

I love how she makes her outfit look so sweet (with bows, soft pink and polka dots) and yet sexy (shorts and mini-dress) and still...very classy!


10 Jan 2010

In between last-minute Christmas shopping, meeting family across the country, cooking elaborate meals, partying 'til late a.m. and waking up with a hangover, we sometimes forget to relax and reload our batteries... My solution? A post-Holiday detox a.k.a. a spa@home! These are my ingredients:

1. Dr. Haushka Lavender Bath Oil
2. Kiehl's Grapefruit body Scrub
3. Organic Surge Grapefruit Hair Mask
4. Yes to Cucumber Shampoo
5. Lavera Lip Balm
6. Weleda Rose Shower Cream
7. Yes to Carrots Body Butter
8. Dr. Haushka Rosemary Foot Balm
9. Lush Brazened Honey Facial Mask
This is how you do it:
1. Go into the bathroom and lock the door. This has to be a moment completely for YOU.
2. Fill the bathtub with water and sprinkle some relaxing lavender oil in it.
3. Scrub your entire body with some extra attention for your feet, knees and elbows.
4. Nourish your skin with a creamy body wash.
5. Put on a cleansing facial mask.
6. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
7. Towel dry your hair and put on some intensive hair treatment mask (put an old towel around your head).
8. Massage your legs, arms and hands with a rich body butter and your feet with a soothing balm. Put on a warm bathrobe and some cotton socks.
9. Scrub your lips with a toothbrush and finish up with some lip balm and your night cream.
10. Curl up in bed...(if you have a boyfriend or husband: force him to give you a massage). Leave the conditioner in overnight and wash it out in the morning. Your hair will feel as soft as cashmere!

Taylor Momsen's Style: Love it or hate it?

9 Jan 2010

Since Gossip Girl's second season Taylor Momsen has become a fashion icon. Her platina-blond hair and super-smokey eyes are her trademark. Most of the time combined with red lipstick and lots of black and leather clothes. And though I love the general idea that's behind her outfits, I think they're hardly ever really fashionable. It's always a bit too much, a bit too tacky, a bit gothic, a bit too scruffy...
I mean take look at the picture below, at first I thought I saw Dracula's bride! But then again that was the WORST outfit I ever saw her in...
Here I like the leather pencil skirt, but don't you think she should have worn an other top, maybe something more chique to balance it out a bit?
I do like her long coat, but the rest of her outfit looks a bit ordinairy.
And this is just slutty! Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of knee socks, but they should be worn in a somewhat more distinguished way...
What about you? Do you agree or do you love Taylor Momsens style?

Photographer inspired by...

8 Jan 2010

This is a picture from an editorial for Saga (Find more of them on http://fashiongonerogue.com). It's a fantastic shot...

...But it immediately reminded me of Guy Bourdin's work!

Guy Bourdin for a Charles Jourdan advertisement
It's obvious where photographer Lasse Bak Mejlvang got his inspiration ;) Guy Bourdin is one of my favorite photographers. He used to work for Vogue. He was active as a photographer from the 1950's til the eighties. He died in 1991, but still inspires a lot of artists today with his controversial, original and above all gorgeous pictures!


7 Jan 2010

Chloë Sevigny

Hi there!

6 Jan 2010

Today at 1.00 p.m. I start working at Etam Lingerie as a shop assistant. I'm so exited! This is my first job, the start of my career in fashion :) Together with this job, I'd like to start a blog where I can ramble about my passion ànd hope to inspire you! Wish me luck!

PS: Don't you just love their collection with Natalia Vodianova?! It's very retro-chic!