Hats off

28 Jul 2011






Flair August 2011 via Fashion Gone Rogue

Since the weather here has been pretty shitty here for the last few weeks, I find myself more and more longing for the fall/winter collections. This editorial is the perfect preview! The hat (in all its different shapes and sizes) is promised to be an essential accessory coming season. Here it's combined with different shades of orange/brown/red. I also love the thick materials that have been used like filt, tweed, chunky knits and coloured fur.


Looklove: Nimue Smit

25 Jul 2011

altamiranyc.blogspot.com via Nimue on Pinterest


I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend! Mine was extra-long since Thursday was our national holiday. So I spent four days with my boyfriend, working on our future home. I can tell you there's not much fabulous about sanding your walls (your hands and nails get totally ruined!), but I'm sure our home will look lovely in the end!

A namesake of mine, who probably had a much more glamorous weekend is Nimue Smit. I love her style in this picture. Tough booties with a girly dress, finished with a blazer! And I just like that she's a (rather) famous model that has the same name as I :)


How to: Curly hair

19 Jul 2011

Today I would like to show you an easy way to curl you hair without using heat! I washed my hair in the morning and just let it dry. Then just comb your hair and part it at the side.
Next put a headband round your head.
Then take a strand of hair and put it around the hairband once. Take what's left of the strand plus some extra hair and around the band again. Work your way all to the back like that.Wind the last piece of hair several times around the band and just tuck the rest in.
With this updo, you can walk around throughout the rest of the day and you must also sleep on it.
The next morning, you pull the band out of your hair, carefully comb through it and finish up with some hairspray.
I pinned two strands of hair to the back of my head, to finish up the look.



ps: I used this tutorial

3.1 Phillip Lim Resort 2012

17 Jul 2011

Philip Lim

Philip Lim

Philip Lim

Philip Lim
Pictures via Style.com

Philip Lim has got me craving for orange, which is strange because normally I detest this colour (it doesn't do my pale complexion any good you see). But here it looks gorgeous! I'm also a huge fan of the graphic-looking leopard print. And as always with Lim the simple sleek silhouettes are fab!

You like?


Currently craving: Bright coloured sandals

15 Jul 2011

bright coloured sandals

I'm on the lookout for the perfect colour-popping sandal to brigt up my summery outfits. They're practical, aka great festivalwear, and look super-stylish!

Which one is your favourite?

1. Miss KG embellished shoes, $95
2. Tying shoes, $50
3. Sigerson Morrison fringe sandals, £128
4. Tapeet flat shoes, £71
5. Dorothy Perkins cut out shoes, £16
6. Miss Selfridge embellished flat sandals, £20
7. Belle Sigerson Morrison wooden wedge heels, £88
8. Paul & Joe suede shoes, £215
9. ASOS t strap shoes, $60

Chance Chanel

14 Jul 2011

I adore all three commercials for the Chance-fragnrances, but this one's my favourite!



13 Jul 2011

picture via The Wild Fleur

I always love to give myself a treat, so today I will be giving myself a facial. Here's my beauty routine:

First of all I make sure the bathroom has an agreable temperature and I put on some relaxing music.

I love to steam out my pores: I just add a few drops of tea tree essence to a bowl of boiling water. I hang my head over the bowl while covering myself with a towel. This way you make your own little steam room! After a minute or 5 your pores are open. This is the perfect moment for a clear-up strip. I like the ones from Nivea. While your pores are still open, it's also much easier to squeeze out blackheads or pimples. If you do make sure to wipe your face with a tonic or desinfectant afterwards.

After that I exfoliate my face with a gentle scrub. I like this one from Clarins, it's very mild and creamy. Next I apply a face mask. I prefer something clay-based, perfect for a mixed or oily skin. I let it rest for about 10mins and wash it off with a washcloth (These last steps can be done while taking a bath)

Finally I apply my favourite moisturizer. I really love this one from La Roche Posay, because it's not to greasy.

Voilà! I hope you'll enjoy this beauty routine just as much as me. Now I have to say that at first your skin may look a litlle reddish from all the pimple-squizing and applying different products, but the next day you will look absolutely radiant!


Paradis in paradise

12 Jul 2011



Pictures via Fashion Gone Rogue

Loving this shoot for Tatler Russia. I really admire Vanessa Paradis, but I'm also a tad envious. For not only is she absolutely gorgeous, she also has Johnny Depp as her hubby, ànd she's able to wear these fabulous Chanel clothes!


Balmain Resort 2012

8 Jul 2011

Balmain resort

Balmain resort
pictures via Style.com

I've been totally obsessing over this collection lately! I love how Olivier Rousteing combined the ethnic trend, with glittery fabrics (which are totally hot right now) and seventies flare trousers without loosing that typical "punky Balmain edge".

You like?



7 Jul 2011


So far my week has been quite a busy one! I worked from 7am til 5pm at H&M on Monday and ran several errands on Tuesday. Yesterday I updatet the online shop I run together with my sister. (We're also having a 30% disount for the month of July. Check out our blog for the discount code!)

I also seem to have picked up a cold (yes, you've got that right a friggin cold in summer!) So today, is stricly for relaxing and getting better asap! I'm going to curl up in the sofa and watch a chickflick while drinking all the amount of tea a person can drink in one day!