Lana Del Rey for H&M

26 Aug 2012

On my weekly visit to Fashion Gone Rogue I discovered the new H&M ad campaign. I had been looking foreward to this one from the moment they announced that no one less then Lana Del Rey would be their face for fall.



See more at Fashion Gone Rogue

The result is not to bad I would say - the clothes for one look amazing (gimme that pink fluffy sweater pronto, baby!) - though maybe a bit on the safe side. Lana herself looks rather stiff to me, on the other hand that doll-look is part of her image of course.

What do you make of it?


PS: I won't be posting the upcoming week since I have to resit two exams and I will need all my time for studying. Whish me luck ;)

Bits of my life: Pretty pink stuff

21 Aug 2012

To boost up this otherwhise very dull and dreary Tuesday I decided to share some pretty pink things with you. Pink always makes me happy, I hope it does the trick for you too!

1. A delicious cupcake my boyfriend bought to suprise me
Bits of my life

2. My pink flowy skirt in the backround with my H&M bracelet and Oasis watch having an arm party
Bits of my life

3. Hydrangeas, my favourites!
Bits of my life


Looklove: Militairy

20 Aug 2012

Garance Doré for J.Crew, Stockholm Streetstyle

The militairy look is all the rage coming fall and I must say I am vastly diggin' it! Most of all when this cool look is softened up with some feminine pieces like a printed pencil skirt or colourful heels

1. Equipment shirt, 2. Camo Jacket Topshop, 3. Paul & Joe skirt, 4. Just Cavalli Dip-Dye jeans, 5. Dries Van Noten Metallic pumps


Editorialove: Fall looks

17 Aug 2012



See more at Fashion Gone Rogue

Even though I advised you all to wear your summer clothes as long as you can at the beginning of this week, even I can't help dreaming of fresh fall looks. I was very much inspired by these looks shown in the Chicago tribune sunday magazine. The blue voluminous coat, the chunky white heels and those metallic loafers in the last pic have already stolen my heart! What are you fall go-buy-now pieces?

Have a happy weekend!


I feel pretty: When white and Yayoi Kusama meet in a manicure

16 Aug 2012

One of the advantages of having some days off is that you have plenty of time to experiment with frivolish things such as nailpolish. At first I decided - in the spirit of the season - to go for an all white manicure.
white nails

But then I saw my bottle of hot pink polish staring at me, all disappointed, that is was not going to be used. So I decided - as Marc Jacobs did before me - to get inspired by Yayoi Kusama and create a sort of cookoo-polkadot-ringfinger, with the help of a toothpick.
with a twist

Do you like my little experiment, or had I better sticked to plain white?


Bits of my life: Home made

15 Aug 2012

I find that it is the things you create or make yourself in life are the things who bring you the most joy. That is why I am dedicating this Bits of life to some things I made myself.

1. Home made granola (recipe here)

2. Sugar and olive oil body scrub (recipe here)
Home made scrub

3. My living room (I think this counts as well for I did everything in it from painting to walls and oiling the wooden floors to selecting every piece of furniture in the room)
Living Room

4. A freshly made salad with shrimp and chinese cole
Shrimp Salad

What are your favourite things to create?


Looklove: Tropical Jumpsuit

13 Aug 2012

Hello dearest fashion lovers!

You know, and I know, and everybody knows that we are all dying to slip in our new fall frocks already, even though summer is still racing at full speed. And I know that this urge can some times be quite irrisistable. However, my dearest reader, I would strongly advise you to show some restraint and to enjoy your summery pieces, while you still can. For when the time comes that rain, snow and wind are in control of our sartorial choices, you will long to put them on again. But alas, it won't be possible.

So please, let this gorgeous tropical jumpsuit inspire you to follow my advice!


Don't have a printed jumpsuit yet? There's this very cute little floral one on sale at Topshop! And I found the perfect items to match...

2. Stella McCartney at Net-a-porter
3. Made at Asos
4. J.Crew at Net-a-porter
5. Zara


Blogger's Block

11 Aug 2012

Blogger's Block


Hello M'dears!

I'm afraid I have been experiencing a nasty case of blogger's block, which is why I have been completely off the radar for the last two weeks! I have just been feeling highly uninspired lately and quite frankly a bit sick of spending to much time behind my computer. But this morning I felt my fingers itching to type a new post, so behind my desk I went to sit -well technically I'm lying on the couch with my laptop, but it was just so much cooler to make it sound like I actually have this tastefully decorated and highly inspiring home office to blog in.

I guess we all sometimes deal with inspiration-hiccups and from personal experience I have learnt that the best way to get rid of them is to - how highly uncreative it may sound - make up a schedule, a plan, some restrictions for yourself. The danger for me always lingers in spending to much time on pinterest and fashiolista or to lose myself in hypothetically online shopping, while actually I could be writing or taking pictures, doing a DIY or cooking something nice where I can blog about. Of course there's nothing wrong with wasting some time online, but at the end of the day I always feel dissapointed in myself for not having done anything else. And so you end up hating the stuff you actually do to relax yourself!

And when this is the case, things just have to change!

Which is exactly why I have set up some goals for myself and made some rules and plannings to get there. Like: online shopping is strictly for Sunday afternoons, facebook and twitter don't need to be checked more than twice a week, 9am til 5pm on weekdays is reserved for going to school or working for school, etc. That way I can spend an hour or two a day on blogging and/or reading other blogs and I have my Saturday afternoon free for outfit shoots, taking walks, shopping and more of that fun stuff!

Allright now, here we go. Off to a fresh start. Are you with me?