Moi: Casual dinner

11 Sep 2013

Why hello there!

Boy, am I happy that I snapped an outfit pic last weekend, for this week, we've seen nuttin' but rain. And the thought of walking around in thin-as-air PJ pants like the one I sported to a casual family dinner, would be quite unbearable.

I tossed in a wannabe Chanel jacket that I scored at Zara quite a few ages ago, my Marni clutch ànd a cute little pendant necklace I got from the lovely ladies of Yz'bel - a relatively young Belgian jewellery brand - while I was interning at Feeling last month.
Casual Dinner

Casual Dinner
Jacket (Zara). T-shirt (H&M). Pants (Etam - these are actually pyjamas by the way). Sunglasses (H&M). Ring (Saint Laurent). Knuckle rings (H&M). Necklace (Yz'bel). Watch (vintage). Sandals (Zara). Clutch (Marni).

Laterz dolls!


Looklove: First fall feeling

9 Sep 2013

Today I felt winter - okay, let's not overreact, fall - for the first time. The days are getting shorter already, the smell of the air is changing and you can almost feel the temperature decreasing.

So after having to wait on the platform for half an hour (bloody delays), still having my arse frozen off when I was finally on the train and then having to walk to my car in a mean drizzle, I am now sitting on my couch at last with a cup of soup (yes, soup, that's how miserable I felt!) dreaming of warm sweaters and wool pants.

First fall feeling
Image. Jacket (InWear, € 199,95). Sweater (InWear, € 119,95). Pants (Tory Burch, € 176,69). Hat (Monki, € 7,81). Booties (Sophia Webster, € 495).

How's your fall vibe? Already very present or are you still in indian summer?


P.S. I'm so getting that gorgeous white InWear-knit.

Weekend wonderings on fast fashion

7 Sep 2013


In case you've been living under a rock these days - a very large rock, that is - you've probably noticed that NYFW has kicked-off last Thursday. But instead of attacking like a fasion-famished person, I decided to take a step back this season...and contemplate. Yes, you probably wouldn't have guessed but I really do that sometimes.

You see, just like Azzedine Alaïa - who decided to jump of the merry-go-round of four (or even more) collections a year and launch his collections whenever he feels ready for it - I sometimes feel slightly fed-up with the excessivly huge supply of new fabrics, fashions and trends that flood us every year and are then quickly copied by highstreet stores, bought and tossed away even faster.

I follow a lot of other fashion blogs and time and time again I'm quite flabbergasted by the rate at which these ladies consume clothes. The outfits I show on my blog are often composed with a lot of old stuff. Some may like that, some might not. But at least you know that you're looking at an outfit of a person with an average income, who actually bought the pieces she's wearing instead of putting them on for show, before sending them back to the PR-lady who let her borrow them.

Besides, opposed to Anna Dello Russo - who's famous for her crazy-giant collection of clothes and won't wear the same piece ever again once she's been photographed in it - I love to treasure my pieces and wear them again and again and again. Be it the high-end splurge I allow myself every once (okay, twice) a year or the cotton white shirt that cost me a mere € 10 at H&M.

What are your thoughts? Is fashion going to fast? Or am I just to slow?

Either way, enjoy your weekend!