If you're looking for ways too wear that oversized jean jacket.

30 May 2014

Hello my sweetpeas and the happiest of Fridays to you all!

Today I'm directing my gaze towards the ultimate weekend essential: The Oversized Jean Jacket. If you haven't acquired one yet, this one might be a nice addition to your closet.

If you already have one, on the other hand, but are clueless as to how to style it, sit back and relax. For I have selected 3 looks extraordinaire that will be sure to fill you with tons inspo.

Option one is to glam up your denim piece with a floral skirt and classic pumps.

Option two: Style it with brogues and a pair of (also much wanted) skinny jeans with torn knee. Slightly tomboy ànd chilly weather approved.

Thirdly, you can just throw it over a striped jersey dress. Sooooo easy, so basic, so stylish.

Et alors, how will you wear your denim jacket?


The girl with the golden mani.

28 May 2014

Gold Foil

I'm wearing gold leaf on my nails! Ain't that swell? It is, isn't it?! I know!

Now luckily for you, I'm going to get over the fact that it makes me feel like some sort of Egyptian princess or maybe even a Klimt painting, for just long enough to explain to you how I did it.

First of all I went to the craft store and bought me some gold leaf (well, the one I bought is more like some kind of copper, because the actual gold was ridiculously expensive, and this one is pretty darn cool too, no?).

Gold foil

Then I grabbed a bottle of my favourite budget nail polish by Hema, and gave my nails two layers of the loveliest peachy pink. When they were completely dry, I dabbed on some transparent polish on the spot that I wanted to cover in gold foil, I tore off a small piece of gold leaf with some tweezers and placed it on my nail. Dab it on with your fingers, tear off any excessive pieces of foil. Finish off with a layer (I did two just to be sure) of transparent polish.

Gold Foil

Gold Foil

Because the foil is very fragile and tears easily it's not evident to cut out clean shapes, so I just went for this nochalant torn-up craquelé look, which ended up to be pretty artistic if I may say so myself. What do you say?


PS: I'm selling some of my shoes, T-shirts, dresses and bags at very democratic prices right here!

An attempt to black & white.

27 May 2014

Remember how I was obsessing about these minimal black and white looks last week? Well, I tried to obtain a similar effect with this outfit. It all started out nice and well when I painted my nails in crispy white, took my half-leather black Zara skirt out of the closet and added a plain white tee. But then things went a little foggy. Suddenly I couldn't resist the urge to put on my colour pop Nike's. A floral bra that sublty peeped trough my white tee, seemed more than a good idea. And before I knew it my hands snagged my Beau's rust-coloured sunnies right of his nose.

The result? Not so minimal. But then again, I never was really good at seeing things in black and white.

T-shirt (H&M). Skirt (Zara). Sneakers (Nike). Sunnies (&Other Stories). Earrings (Curiosa & co). Bracelet (&Other Stories). Rings (H&M mixed with old ones).



PS: In case you thought I hadn't noticed my flabbering second chin in the second picture, let me set that straight. I did take note of it, as I did of my not so perfectly teeth, but because I liked to spontaneïty in the picture and because I think we should all work together on a more realistic vision on beauty, I decided to include it anyway. So please, be gentle.

Evenings are for reading.

21 May 2014

Sundays are for reading

Chilling on our chesterfield couch with Mademoiselle Mirabelle, a good read and a comfy sweater is my most favourite passtime in the evening. The sweat I'm currently living in is by AYS?SLC. I love the fact that it's made from organic cotton and I love the fluorescent detail on the sleeve that says 'Fly before you're ready', oh and did I already mention its comfyness?

Over to the literary part then. For the moment I am reading (long overdue, I'm aware) Grace Coddington's Memoir. And even though I find her narrative style somewhat tangled from time to time, I enjoy spending time in Grace's universe.

I you were looking for some nice online reads however, I could deffo recommend this article on the use of innovative textiles is fashion. I also enjoyed spending time on this new webshop and reading about the designers fresh take on unique fashion. Oh, and get this: J.Crew is contemplating opening a store in Paris! I can only applaud my favourite more or less affordable brand coming closer to me.

Enjoy your Wednesday evening, lovelies!


PS: I'm finally on Instagram! Find me here.

Colour drain.

19 May 2014

Since Mondays are never associated with bright and colourful feelings, anyway, I thought I'd just tag along with the vibe today. Meaning you're about to be drowned in a pool of black and white - well, not really but I always like to add some extra drama to M-days.

Black and white

In any case, when I saw the above looks, I immediately felt that they are just the pinnacle of minimalistic classyness. And so I decided to make shopping coordinately that much easier for you.


White sandals (Cos). Sunglasses (Asos). White faux-leather skirt (Zara). Midi-pants (Victoria Beckham via Net-a-Porter). Half-sleeve shirt (Topshop). Open toe mules (Opening Ceremony via Asos). Midi skirt (Whistles).

Thank me later, babes!


PS: Images from here and here.

Make me moussaka.

17 May 2014

In a week filled being busy, finding the time to cook an elaborate meal can be a whole big job. And even though my beau and I manage to get fresh food on the table almost every day, I have to admit that we often stick to easy and familiar recipes that are ready in half an hour or three quarters tops. Which is exactly why, on Sunday we like to take the time for slow food, like a stew that has to simmer for about three hours or, even better, moussaka.


The downside of this Greek dish is that it takes you about 2 hours and all of your pots and pans to prepare it. The upside, however, is that it's so absolutely over-the-top delicious and comforting, you immediately forget all the trouble you've gone through to make it, the minute the first bite hits your mouth.


Now, as for the recipe, you can find it right here:

- 400g of peeled tomatoes
- 2 tsp of concentrated tomato paste
- 3 small onions
- 3 cloves of garlic
- 500g of minced meat (I used a mixture of beef and porc)
- 2 eggplants
- 4 potatoes
- 50g of butter
- 50g of flour
- 500ml of milk
- 2 hands of grated cheese (I used emmentaler)
- pepper, salt and cinnamon

Peel your potatoes and cut them in slices of about 7mm. Steam or boil them until done (about 20mins).
Wash your eggplants and cut them in slices of about 7mm. Sprinkle some  salt on them and let them rest for a moment.

Peel and cut your onions and garlic and fry them in a large pan. When your onion is slightly golden, add the minced meat and bake until it's no longer raw, but not too dry either. Add the can of peeled tomatoes and cut them in smaller pieces. Add some salt and quite a nice amount of pepper and cinnamon and let it simmer.
Meanwhile you return to you eggplants. You'll see that they've become quite moisty. Clean them of with some pieces off kitchen paper (otherwise they might taste bitter) and bake them - in several batches - in a royally greased pan. I always use a combo of olive oil and butter for this.

Put the baked eggplants on a plate and start making your white sauce. Let your butter slowly melt in small pan (make sure it doesn't brown!) and add the flour. Whisk for a few minutes until it starts to smell like a nice biscuit. Add your milk and keep on whisking. At first you will think it's far too runny, but if you persist, you get a nice creamy white sauce. Add a handful of grated cheese, let it melt et voilà.

Now, it's layer time. Fill the bottom of your ovenproof dish with slices of eggplant, spoon over a layer of the tomato sauce, lay on slices of potatoe and end with a rich layer of white sauce. Repeat. And finish off with another handfull of grated cheese for a nice crust.

Put in the oven on 175°C for 50mins. Let it cool down for a few minutes before serving.





14 May 2014


't Was but yesterday that Vogue declared the tattoo as totes passé - well, sort of - and today already I'm stating the body ink's comeback. Well, the temoparay faux one, that is.

You have to understand that after getting my belly button pierced in a whim when I was 17, I've gotten kind of distrusting towards everything that invloves entering a tattoo and piercing shop - ah well, mistakes of my youth and all that - which makes getting a permanent tattoo rather difficult. But on the temporary tats: The one I used is by Bourjois and is according to moi the perfect graphic cross-over between nail and finger.

Likey or no likey?


Sea of sandals.

9 May 2014

As summer is vastly approaching - and also to keep my mind of the rain and wind we've been getting these last few days - there has been only one sort of shoe on my mind lately: le sandale.

1. Topshop, 2. Zara, 3. Zara, 4. Birkenstock, 5. Gucci, 6. Gucci, 7. Topshop, 8. Topshop

I'm very much into sandals with a sturdy heel and an ankle strap this year, but also - as most of the fashion population - head over (non-existing) heels with the ugly flats formerly known as birckenstocks.

Now, if my bank account would allow it, I'd simply buy all of the above. But as my resources are limited, I'm leaning towards only number 4 & 8 ('cause I already tried on 2 and to be honest, they weren't very kind to my feet). What do ya say?


Wear and repeat.

5 May 2014

Hi sweetpies!

I have a new addiction. It is not only supercomfy, but also very stylish and listens to the name 'Culottes'. That's right, I just can't seem to take of my pied-de-poule Max Mara pants, so you're just gonna have to forgive my repeat offence.

And repeat

I paired them with blue ballet flats and a my soft and stretchy velvet blazer for extra cosyness. The perfect outfit for a Sunday brunch.

And repeat

Blazer (Esprit). T-shirt (Zara). Pants (MaxMara Outlet). Sunglasses (The Row). Ring (Yves Saint Laurent). Bag (Zara). Ballet flats (Zara).


There's a time for cookies and there's a time for cookies.

4 May 2014

So that makes Sunday definitely a time for cookies. I'm not quite sure if I ever mentioned this to you guys before, but I am a royal biscuit addict. I can make a pack of American cookies disappear in a jiffy and no shortbread of any kind is save for me.

However, as of late I am trying to approve my diet (which mainly involves eating less sugar) and so I decide to provide myself with some healthy(er) snacks. Introducing: my low sugar raisin and sunflour seed cookies.


The recipe (makes 15 small cookies):
- 1/2 cup of flour
- 1 tsp of baking powder
- 1/2 tsp of cinnamon (or a little bit more if you're a real cinnamon freak like me)
- 1/4 tsp of salt
- 1/4 cup of sugar
- 1 tblsp of yoghurt
- 1 tblsp of butter
- 1 egg
- 1 tsp of vanilla
- 1/2 cup of oats
- 1/2 cup of raisins
- 1/4 cup of sunflour seeds

And now for the easy part: Mix all ingrediënts, spoon your dough on a lined baking sheet and bake for 10mins at 180°C.


Seeing as I like to take these as a snack to work as well as savouring them while watching The Mindy Project, I wrapped a few of these tasty buggers in sandwich paper - pretty kitchen string included.