Moi: Reeboks pt. 2

25 Nov 2013

Ola chicas!

How ya'll doing? I for one am feeling most wonderful, as I'm leaving for a romantic city trip tomorrow. Our destination? Antwerp! Cause there's nothing like going on vacation in your own country - plus, you don't have to spend money on a flight, now ain't that savvy?

Anyhows, we'll be staying in Bed, Bad en Brood, a lovely B&B in the south of Antwerp. Of course you'll get a full report upon my return, but first: my weekend look!

Hat (H&M). Sweater (InWear). Biker (Warehouse). Coat (COS). Jeans (H&M). Sneakers (Reebok). Bag (Zara). Sunnies (H&M).

I have said it before - and I'll probably say it again - but I do really love my Reeboks. Firstly because they pair lovely with my white sweater and cream coloured biker. And secondly, because the're so comfy, I wear them at any occasion! The last 3 days for example they've helped me through 2 job interviews (I'm still waiting on the outcome though, so please cross your fingers for me) and a trip to Ikea (always fun, but also exhausting).

Now then, I bid you adieu!


Friday Fascinations: Pink fluffyness

23 Nov 2013

Et alors, another week has come to an end, and so has a period in my life, for I today finished my intership at Thanks to Tiany, Michaël, Angelique, Bieke and Koen for 3 months of hard work, interesting opportunities and a lot of fun! Oh, and a fabulous goodie bag! (Read some of my articles here, here, here or here)

The end of the also means a peek in my latest obsessions, thoughts or cravings and this week it's all about two words: Pink & Fluffy.

Pink Sweaters
1. 2. 3. 4.

Knowing how it goes when you're a slight shop-a-holic, I'm sure you won't be completely flabbergasted if I tell you I ordered an exemplaire of my own. The item in question? This soft pink sweater by Won Hundred.

Have a holly jolly weekend!


Moi: Turbanized

18 Nov 2013

Those of you who follow me on Pinterest, might have already noticed: J'adore turbans! They're classy, frivolish and a tad boho, but above all: nice and warm on chilly fall days like yesterday.

Yes. After weeks of admiring the turban look I finally decided I was brave enough to sport the look myself - yes, I know it's silly, but somehow walking around with a turban on my head seemed very 'in your face' ergo a big step. But, I have to say: I luuuuuurrrrved it!


Turban (Vintage). Sunnies (H&M). Nose ring (Six). Feather vest (Zara). Leather jacket (Urban Outfitters). Rings (Vintage and River Island).

Do you share my love for le turban?


Mid-week mezmerizations: Reeboks, a vase and Henry Van de Velde

13 Nov 2013

Well hello to you too and a happy mid-week!

I just had the urge to share with you the newest addition to my closet: a pair of shiny white Reebok Freestyle Hi tops. Very retro. Très cool. Since the day they arrived at my house in a big brown box, I have hardly managed to take them off my feet, cause boy, these babies are comfortable as heaven!


In the background of my wannabe-Coveteur composition you can see a very glam black vase I scored for a mere €3 at the local thrift shop, which is sporting a drawing of a rooster - that's right! - and golden decorations; ànd a book about Henry Van de Velde, a Belgian artist/architect/fashion designer whom is known for his gesamtkunstwerk, meaning he tried to make his whole life into a work of art by designing his house, furniture, the clothing of his wife and so on, all according a certain aesthetic, which in my eyes is quite brillo-pads!

Conclusion of the day: I should really start making shorter sentences. And on that note, I bid you - a short and sweet - adieu!


7 years of love and a lovely brekkie

11 Nov 2013


Last Sunday I decided to surprise my Beau with a breakfast in bed to celebrate our 7th anniversary of love, his ever caring nature and his cuteness. Soft boiled eggs and croissants still hot from te oven - even if I have to say so myself: it was a real treat!


But apparently I wasn't the only one who had been planning a little surprise, 'cause before I could utter Caffé latté, I got the figure below on my plate.


'Is it a duck? Is it a swan? No! It's two tickets for 'Swan Lake' in Antwerp', I read...

...And then I did a crazy-cookoo happy dance, naturellement!
How was your weekend? I bet you can't top mine ;)