Currently Craving: My Sale picks

27 Dec 2011

I'd like to start off with whishing you all a belated, but very merry Christmas! My weekend was filled with dinner parties and family get-togethers. I honestly still felt stuffed and exhausted when I woke up yesterday! So Monday I decided to take myself a day off and recover ;)
Today I really had to start studying, but I'm afraid I constantly got distracted by my computer. It felt like every online shop I knew was whispering to me: "Come on, have a look at my great sale bargains, you know you want to!" Beneath you can see the result of my hypothetical shopping spree. That's right hypothetical, for I can't even afford all this stuff! Ah yes, yet another great example of the stuff I do when I'm profesionally procastinating...
Geen titel #146

1. Acne gray sweater, €243
2. Cos short pleated skirt, €42

3. Yves Saint Laurent studded handbag, €976
4. Calvin Klein Collection pointed toe pumps, €262
5. Valentino mid heels, €532
6. Dsquared jacket, €275


Friday Fascinations: Pretty Pink

16 Dec 2011

freckle bikkies

Quill and Fox 


Just blurting out some pink inspirations inbetween studying my vocabulaire française. My test starts in exactly an hour so I'm gona keep it short and sweet ;)

I hope you all have a jollygood weekend!


Holiday Essentials

13 Dec 2011

Holiday Essentials

Voilà, my list of personal Holiday Essentials:

A statement ring and nailpolish to finish up my festive outfits, a pretty skirt and shirt for a Christmas in style, some glittery items to sparkle at New Year's Eve and finally a comfy sweater and leggings to lounge (and unfortunately study), in between all the parties and family meetings...

1. Yves saint laurent ring, $250
2. Haute Hippie feather vest, £265
3. Michael Kors sequin dress, £119
4. Zara clutch handbag, $100

5. Maje short mini skirt, $195
6. Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour, £18
7. Nine west shoes, $55
8. DV by Dolce Vita leather shoes, $109
9. H&m leggings, £9.99
10. Supertrash shirt dress, £73  
11.TopShop knit sweater, $80

What are your not-to-be-missed items for this Merry Season?


New kid in Town: Oasis watch

8 Dec 2011

New kid in town: Oasis Watch

New kid in town: Oasis Watch

Bonjour Mes amis!

I purchased this Oasis watch a few months ago at Asos. But I hadn't worn it up until now, because the strap had to be adjusted. So now that I've finally got that taken care of, it feels like new again ;) The silver bracelet I'm wearing was a gift from my boyfriend a few years ago.

You likey?


Looklove: Fancy skirt with printed tee

5 Dec 2011

I spotted a little trend: A fancy skirt dressed down with a rock chick T-shirt. Liz of Late Afternoon did a lovely daywear version of this look. But I think I like the second look even better. Maybe that's just because I'm totally in love with that flounced hem!

Friday Fascinations

2 Dec 2011

On my way home from school today I took some pictures, inspired by the foggy whiteness that was all around.
My favourite building on the block


The first pic is my favourite house on the block. It's so majestic and chic! The second is from a statue in the parc nearby our house.

Hoping to leave you inspired, I whish you a happy weekend!


Currently Craving: For the Home

1 Dec 2011

Currently Craving: For the  Home

1. Mug, 2. Sheepskin, 3. Coffee Table, 4. Pillow, 5. Ikat Bowl, 6. Chair, 7. Vase, 8. Vanity, 9. Lamp

As the end of our renovations is coming nearer and nearer, I find myself dreaming more and more about decorating our future home. My colour scheme will be white, black, grey, and gold. But I'd love to spice things up with a few pops of  pink, mustard and teal.We've already got a cream coloured chesterfield and a kitchen. About everything else still needs to be bought! Wich is exactly why I thought 'd make myself a whislist, perfect to inspire the people that still need to buy me the perfect Christmas gift ;)

What's on your whislist this year?


Looklove: Big Black Tote

28 Nov 2011

I want to start off the week with saying thanks to all of you for your sweet comments and support! I've had a week to sob and feel sad, but now I'm off to a fresh start! And what better way to do this than with some lovely inspiration?


céline tote

In the first pic you can see the 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli tote (availble at Net-a-porter in taupe). I think this one is to become a real It-bag, a classic and a keeper. It's on the top of my whislist for sure! Another one of my favourites is the Céline tote. Every morning when I'm walking to school, a girl sporting that bag passes me. You wouldn't believe the number of times I have contemplated yanking it out of her hands ;). The Zara plaited shopper is a much cheaper alternative. It has been a huge trend around the blogosphere all summer, but I still love it!
A black tote just seems to be the perfect bag for everyday. You can easily trow in all you stuff for work/school and still look classy! Plus it is timeless and slightly edgy at the same time. Anyways, the conclusion is: The Big Black tote is just as unmissable as the Little Black Dress! And on second thought, I don't own either of these items. Hmm, maybe a good excuse to plan a shopping spree?


Tea and warm socks

23 Nov 2011

Tea and chocolat


Some days are better then others. But I can tell you for the last few weeks, almost all of my days have been pretty bad. My family has been going through a rough time lately, I'm busy at school, busy renovating a house with my boyfriend and working hard to keep up this blog and make it succesfull. Aside from that I'm doing my best not to lose track of my friends...

So as you can see, it's a bit more than I can handle. But I'm sure a lot of you can relate to what I'm saying right now. Which is why I think we should help and support each other! Sometimes you just need to hear from another person: Just let everything go, curl up in the sofa with a cup of tea and warm socks and watch your favourite feelgood movie (mine is the first SATC movie). Which is exactly what I'm going to do right now.


PS: and if that doesn't make you feel better, put on this song really loud while dancing crazy around the room!

Mesmerizing Manicures

18 Nov 2011

Hi lovelies!

I just thought I'd give you some weekend inspiration. That way you can try out a new manicure this weekend in case you don't know what to do! That rarely happens to me (with all the renovating, schoolwork and other obligations that always slip in), but maybe you guys are a bit more fortunate ;)




Oh! And apparently nice nails and coffee work well together!

Enjoy your weekend!


Moi: Feathers again

17 Nov 2011

Like I said on Monday, I wore my pink feather vest to school to cheer me up. Below you can see how I styled it:




Forever21 necklace and bracelet, H&M Men's shirt, striped top and parka, Zara feather vest and booties (last year), Mango Jeans, Vintage clutch

I thought it turned out quite casual this way, whereas feathers usually have the tendency to look rather festive and thus not very wearable for everyday life...

You like my take on feathers? How would you style this vest?


Looklove: Feathers

14 Nov 2011


There's not much to say about feathers, othter than the fact that they are gorgeous and I love them. Oh, and they really brighten up a dreary Monday Morning! Which is exactly why I will be wearing my blush pink feather vest from Zara to school today ;)

What is your favourite piece to make that horrible first day of the week a little better?


New kids in town: Shiny Stuff

8 Nov 2011




Bonjour my dears!

Above you can see the result of the treasure hunting I did in Antwerp last week! Since we don't have a Forever21 in Ghent yet, I grabbed the opportunity to buy cheap and nice jewellery there with both hands ;). I bought a spikey bracelet (I had been looking for one for like ages) and a rhinestone necklaces, which is perfect to add a litlle sparkle to my daily uniform!

Do you like my new finds? And what's on your whislist lately?


Looklove: Tribal in wintertime

7 Nov 2011

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I for one had a wonderful time in Antwerp. It really reloaded my batteries, so that I could work in our house with fresh energy this weekend! Saturday our Ikea kitchen was delivered. I'm so curious to see what it will look like once installed (which will happen next week). But on to more important matters now: Your weekly dose of wardrobe ispiration!

Vanessa Jackman

This summer I bought two tribal skirts, but I wasn't really sure if they could be translated to a more winter-appropriate look. When I saw this picture of Taylor Tomasi, I had my answer! Just throw on some black cosy sweater, a leather jacket or cropped blazer and thigh-high boots, et voilà!


A bientôt! (Antwerp City Trip)

2 Nov 2011


Hi there!

Sorry for the none-existant blogposts this week! I have been a very busy girl and can hardly spare the time to post right now! So I will keep it short and sweet ;) In a few hours I'm leaving for Antwerp to do some serious shopping with my girlfriends. We will be staying there for two days. I've been over my head in renovating and schoolwork lately so this little get-away is most welcome I can tell you!

Of course I will give you a full report once I get back!


Bits of my room

27 Oct 2011

Since I haven't been able to do an outfit post this week (I've been so busybusybusy with school), I decided to share with you some pics that I took in my room, little bits that I like...

1. My stack of notebooks (I love scribbling in them) and my favourite perfume.
Bits of my room

2.My Breakfast at Tiffany's poster, hanging above my bed. I know it's such a cliché, but Audrey Hepburn is one of my biggest idols.
Bits of my room

3. A snapshot of the contens of my closet.
Bits of my room

4. Clean white organizers on my desk where I keep fashion, interior and other inspirations.
Bits of my room

What are your favourite parts in your room/house?


Currently craving: Printed Shirts

25 Oct 2011

Currently craving: Printed Shirts

1. Topshop 2. Equipment 3. Zara 4. Chloé

As you will have noticed (if you haven't been living on another planet for the last two months, that is) this season is all about mixing prints! But, naturellement, to be able to do such a thing, one should first have some printed items in one's closet. I myself am a huge fan of wearing shirts, so I suggest we start off with those. Now I do have quite a few shirts of different colours hanging in my closet, but I'm afraid my wardrobe needs a bit more variety on the print department! So that, my dears, is why I am craving all of the babies above!

Which one is your favourite?


Looklove: Tweed

24 Oct 2011

This time tomorrow

Candid Street Style | Her & Her Alexander Wang Bag

I love both these looks: a basic shirt with a tweed skirt. As you might have noticed, tweed is hot and happening right now and I am totally falling for this trend! I'm thinking about buying this little darling, to try out the look myself!

You diggin' tweed or not?


Paris Fashion Week (part one)

21 Oct 2011

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton

Christian Dior
Christian Dior



I'm totally in love with all of these collections! Sheer, lace, flowers and pastels: together they make the perfect balance between girly, sexy and sophisticated! Looks like I'll still be able to wear this H&M dress next spring!

Now, I hope your weekend will be a lovely one!


Moi: Feeling fall

19 Oct 2011

Moi: Feeling Fall
Zara sweater, H&M dress, Sasha shoes, Six sunglasses, Thrifted bag and gifted earrings

It's definately getting colder now, so I guess this was one of the last times I could face the world with my bare legs :) I just about managed not to freeze them off! Luckily I had the most comfy and warm sweater on top. I bought it in Zara a few weeks ago and I've been practically living in it ever since! I love the burgundy colour, it's really my fav fall colour this year!


Looklove: Mixing prints

17 Oct 2011



1. The Sartorialist, 2. Refinery 29

Ever since I saw that first picture on the Sartorialist, tweed pants and a printed blouse have been on the top of my wishlist! I love clashing, yet matching prints! Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller also does a great job, mixing leopard with plaid. But then again I love almost eveything she wears ;)

Do you like to mix prints?


Milan Fashion Week (part two)

14 Oct 2011


Gianfranco Ferré
Gianfranco Ferré



Well, here's the second part of my Milan Fashion Week wrap-up! I hope you enjoy it and have a very nice weekend! I'm sure mine will be lovely for on Saturday I am eating out with my man in a lovely Sicilian restaurant! See ya back on Monday ;)


Milan Fashion Week (part one)

11 Oct 2011

Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana


Bottega Venneta
Bottega Veneta

Hi lovelies!

I just worked my way trough Milan Fashion Week - ah yes, some lovely hours of free time spent on in the company of a hot cup of tea and some brownies - and these are a few of my favourite shows.

Dolce & Gabbana is always in my top ten, but I have to admit that I'm still feeling a little overdosed on veggies this year :) The silhouettes and the lace flowers however were gorgeous!
At Prada I'm loving the round shoulders and pleated skirts. And I'm also crushing on that second look of Bottega Veneta, it's so wearable and streetsyle-ish! I love the different materials and prints, the colours make the look interesting.

More of my Milan favourites will follow on Friday! And next week it's Paris, baby :)