Sale shopping

28 Dec 2013

Ah yes, 'tis the season to be jolly! But seriously, not because of baby Jesus' birth and some silly shepherds. No way José, I am jolly because sales have started.

I'll probably be a lot less happy with that same fact once sales kick off in Belgium (the 3rd of January), since I'm working in retail myself for the moment - and let's be fair: not only are sale shoppers hardly ever nice to sales assistents, all they really do is make a huge mess.

But let us kindly forget those frustrations to come and focus on what's right in front of us: cheap (well, sort of) designer stuff!

Behold below the pieces that are in the running to make my bank account a whole lot lighter.


1. Grey coat with white back (Stella McCartney, €600). 2. LBD with leather sleeves (Miu Miu, €699) - although I also have my eye on this one over at The Outnet. 3. Silk shirt (Equipment, € 191). 4. Cat eye sunglasses (The Row, € 226). 5. Patent boots with golden heel (L'autre Chose, € 252). 6. Camel oversized knit (Stella McCartney, € 295). 7. Jeweled sweatshirt (J.Crew, € 143,35).

Enjoy your weekend! And your sale shopping sprees, naturellement ;)


Ho, ho, ho!

22 Dec 2013

Hohoho and a holly jolly Sunday to you all m'dears!

I know it's not actually Christmas yet, but since I have no less then 3 Christmas parties to attend (that's what you get with divorced parents, thanks folks!), the first one is set on today. To channel an early Christmas mood, I have:

1. Decorated my gorgy porgy Christmas tree - cookies on a string included (ain't those brill? They're from Ikea, but if anyone asks, I baked them myself).
Cookies in my christmastree

2.Gift-wrapped all of my presents with dotted paper from Hema and kitchen string from Dille & Kamille (only two of my gazillion gifts shown here with 3 chocolate guinnes cupcakes).
Mom's birthday cakes

3. Baked cookies, made chocolate milk and played patience (so homy, don't you think?).
Cookies, cards and tea

Merry X-mas and cheerio!


These are a few of my products

11 Dec 2013

Allô, allô and bonjour to you too!

Since you guys have been overwhelming me with questions on how I manage to look so ravishing every day - well, actually you haven't and also I don't, but a girl can dream, now can't she? Anyhow, I decided to share with you some of my favourite beauty products. If only for the fun of it, 'cause honesty compels me to tell you that I am by no means an expert. So, here it goes!

Beauty talk

A newfound brand that's been very kind to my hair is Kevin Murphy. I'm currently using the Maxi.Wash shampoo and the Born.Again treatment. They were gifted to me as a set in travel size, but I have a strong feeling I'll be buying large quantities of them soon. I love that they're paraben and sulphate free and haven't been tested on animals. The scents and structures are slightly different from what you get in most shampoos or conditioners, but these two make my hair feel so soft and smooth, I couldn't care if they smelled like poo - which obviously, they don't.

The day cream I've been using for the last months is by JYB, a recently launched Belgian beauty label. Their products are 100% natural and where possible organic. 'Have good day' gives my face UV-protection, a healthy glow and hydration. Triple score!

An alltime favourite of mine? Essie nailpolish! I love their packaging, their colours, and of course the wide brushes (on that subject: I recently got the chance to test a bottle of Essie Professional, a range that's only sold in salons, and was disappointed to see that they have a regular thin brush. Also the polish was way more fluid, which made it difficult to apply. My advice? Leave Essie Professional to the professionals). Currently I'm obsessed by the colour Marshmallow.

Another great product is Kiehl's Pineapple Papaya face scrub. My skin really needs a scrub from time to time or it start looking like, erm...grey, but it's also quite sensitive. This one scrubs my face in all softness. And since you have to leave it on for a few mins to let the fruit enzymes do their peeling work, it also gives me that luxurious feeling of a face mask.

The Sampar Glamour Shot Matte Perfection is a transparant mattifying cream that I apply after my day cream. It stops my skin from shining, without giving it an unnatural appearence and it minimizes my pores.

Also very kind to my hair is L'Oréal Mythic Oil. Any hair oil will do really - just to nourish the ends of my hair and add a tad of shine - but this one just smells soooooo friggin' delicious.

Lastly I love Une's Soft Minerals Powder Foundation and their creamy Breezy Cheeks Blush. Mostly because they're both quite afforable in comparison to other mineral make-up products, and also because I adore the mirrored packaging.

I hope I haven't bored because, ça alors, this turned out to be quite a long post. Oh, and don't forget to tell me what your go-to products are!


P.S.: In case you were wondering, the tray in the pic is from Zara Home and the necklace from Forever21.

Blue ensemble

9 Dec 2013

Bongiorno fashion peeps!

No, today ain't no Blue Monday. It is however, a perfect day for a blue ensemble! Socks in sandals are a nice change to an ankle boot (these two here work extremely well together, I dare say) and black leather pieces provide the necessary edge.

However, if you're currently residing in Belgium (or a country with a similar climate) I would advise you to add a cosy knit and maybe a pair of gloves as well, - unless you want your lips and fingers to look as blue as your skirt - 'cause it is f-f-f-freezing!

Blue ensemble

Image. Jacket (River Island, € 120).Top (Zara, € 29,95). Skirt (Lela Rose via Net-a-porter, € 654,31). Ring (Wouters & Hendrix via Famousbox, € 198). Bracelet (Topshop, € 8). Socks (Forever 21, € 4,90). Sandals (Kate Spade via Shopbop, € 248,32). Bag (Asos, € 52,06).

Et alors, are you into blue?


Moi: Marant-ized

4 Dec 2013

Hi there!

While some of you may already be dreaming about H&M's next designer collab, I'm still enjoying the Swedish retailer's last one. A teensy tad of it, that is, for the scarf I'm sporting is by Miss Marant's hand (a nice left-over from the Belmodo 5 years x Isabel Marant pour H&M party). It's a 100% silk and way warmer than you'd expect. On top of that, I love it's edgyness and nonchalence.

Speckled cardigan (Esprit). Leather jacket (Warehouse). Grey cardigan (Massimo Dutti). Jeans (Cheap Monday). Sunglasses (H&M). Earrings (Forever21). Nosering (Six). Scarf (Isabel Marant pour H&M - unique piece for press). Ring (Yves Saint Laurent). Watch (Vintage). Bracelet (Six). Shoes (Reebok).


What's your favourite scarf-of-the-moment?


Bits of my life: Antwerp Citytrippin'

2 Dec 2013


Please excuse my silly salutation, but I'm struggling with a nasty case of Christmas jitters as of late. Must be an over-exposion to christmas carols during my numberous shopping sprees in Antwerp that caused this illness. Anyhow, as promised: the highlights of our trip.

The Zoo
Spotting Meerkats in The Zoo (Timon was always one of my favorite Disney characters, you see).

Eating too-delish-for-words sushi at Ko'Uzi.

Enjoying the city view from the top of the MAS. The rest of the museum was definitely worth a visit as well, by the way.

De Burgerij

De Burgerij
Eating a tasty burger with fries and corn at De Burgerij.

Gazing at starry ceilings in the Cathedral.

Of course that was not all. We also shopped at Your, The Recollection, Cos, Hay and Ladurée (just to name a few), stuffed our faces at ViaVia, De Arme Duivel - best stew I ever had - and Juliette, tasted a delish coffee at Caffénation, went for a peg at De Vagant and last but certainly not least watched a stunning performance of Swan Lake - I say, I was more than flabbergasted and if taking pictures during the show wasn't prohibited my camera wouldn't have had a moment's rest!

And now, after a few days filled with follyness? Back to reality it is! But then again, that ain't too bad either if you have sweet Beau to make you tea and cute cat to warm your lap, now, is it?


Moi: Reeboks pt. 2

25 Nov 2013

Ola chicas!

How ya'll doing? I for one am feeling most wonderful, as I'm leaving for a romantic city trip tomorrow. Our destination? Antwerp! Cause there's nothing like going on vacation in your own country - plus, you don't have to spend money on a flight, now ain't that savvy?

Anyhows, we'll be staying in Bed, Bad en Brood, a lovely B&B in the south of Antwerp. Of course you'll get a full report upon my return, but first: my weekend look!

Hat (H&M). Sweater (InWear). Biker (Warehouse). Coat (COS). Jeans (H&M). Sneakers (Reebok). Bag (Zara). Sunnies (H&M).

I have said it before - and I'll probably say it again - but I do really love my Reeboks. Firstly because they pair lovely with my white sweater and cream coloured biker. And secondly, because the're so comfy, I wear them at any occasion! The last 3 days for example they've helped me through 2 job interviews (I'm still waiting on the outcome though, so please cross your fingers for me) and a trip to Ikea (always fun, but also exhausting).

Now then, I bid you adieu!


Friday Fascinations: Pink fluffyness

23 Nov 2013

Et alors, another week has come to an end, and so has a period in my life, for I today finished my intership at Thanks to Tiany, Michaël, Angelique, Bieke and Koen for 3 months of hard work, interesting opportunities and a lot of fun! Oh, and a fabulous goodie bag! (Read some of my articles here, here, here or here)

The end of the also means a peek in my latest obsessions, thoughts or cravings and this week it's all about two words: Pink & Fluffy.

Pink Sweaters
1. 2. 3. 4.

Knowing how it goes when you're a slight shop-a-holic, I'm sure you won't be completely flabbergasted if I tell you I ordered an exemplaire of my own. The item in question? This soft pink sweater by Won Hundred.

Have a holly jolly weekend!


Moi: Turbanized

18 Nov 2013

Those of you who follow me on Pinterest, might have already noticed: J'adore turbans! They're classy, frivolish and a tad boho, but above all: nice and warm on chilly fall days like yesterday.

Yes. After weeks of admiring the turban look I finally decided I was brave enough to sport the look myself - yes, I know it's silly, but somehow walking around with a turban on my head seemed very 'in your face' ergo a big step. But, I have to say: I luuuuuurrrrved it!


Turban (Vintage). Sunnies (H&M). Nose ring (Six). Feather vest (Zara). Leather jacket (Urban Outfitters). Rings (Vintage and River Island).

Do you share my love for le turban?


Mid-week mezmerizations: Reeboks, a vase and Henry Van de Velde

13 Nov 2013

Well hello to you too and a happy mid-week!

I just had the urge to share with you the newest addition to my closet: a pair of shiny white Reebok Freestyle Hi tops. Very retro. Très cool. Since the day they arrived at my house in a big brown box, I have hardly managed to take them off my feet, cause boy, these babies are comfortable as heaven!


In the background of my wannabe-Coveteur composition you can see a very glam black vase I scored for a mere €3 at the local thrift shop, which is sporting a drawing of a rooster - that's right! - and golden decorations; ànd a book about Henry Van de Velde, a Belgian artist/architect/fashion designer whom is known for his gesamtkunstwerk, meaning he tried to make his whole life into a work of art by designing his house, furniture, the clothing of his wife and so on, all according a certain aesthetic, which in my eyes is quite brillo-pads!

Conclusion of the day: I should really start making shorter sentences. And on that note, I bid you - a short and sweet - adieu!


7 years of love and a lovely brekkie

11 Nov 2013


Last Sunday I decided to surprise my Beau with a breakfast in bed to celebrate our 7th anniversary of love, his ever caring nature and his cuteness. Soft boiled eggs and croissants still hot from te oven - even if I have to say so myself: it was a real treat!


But apparently I wasn't the only one who had been planning a little surprise, 'cause before I could utter Caffé latté, I got the figure below on my plate.


'Is it a duck? Is it a swan? No! It's two tickets for 'Swan Lake' in Antwerp', I read...

...And then I did a crazy-cookoo happy dance, naturellement!
How was your weekend? I bet you can't top mine ;)


Life in duo colour

28 Oct 2013

Zut alors, comment cava, mes chous-chous?

I am currently living life in duo colour, or at least my feet are, as I am totally smitten with my Reed Krakoff booties. I bought them in summer sales, but find them perfect for the current weather. Oh, and in this picture my face is slightly duo coloured as well because of the bright sun.

FYI, this is the last outfitpost I will be doing without sunnies, cause man, I look fluffy without my shades. So never mind my face, just tell me wat you think of the clothes ;)
Booties in duocolour
Coat (Cos). Cardigan (Zara). T-shirt (Zara). Jeans (H&M). Booties (Reed Krakoff). Bag (Furla). Necklaces (Forever 21, Urban Outfitters). Belt (vintage).

life in duocolour
They're absolutely perfect, right?


Bits of my life: When in doubt, buy flowers

16 Oct 2013

Now, I dunno 'bout you, but if there's one thing that can turn my mood from thunderstorm into rainbows, it's a big bunch of flowers.

And so m'dears, to give you a well deserved mid-week dose of 'happy' - what with all the rain, the days growing shorter, the hard work and hardly any time to relax - I share with you some pics of the flori that have enlightened my spirits over the last few months.

Breath in, smell the roses, and let it all go...





Moi: The Statement Pants

9 Oct 2013

Allô, allô mes chous-chous!

As you might have noticed already, I am a huge fan of a good pair of statement pants. They're easy to dress up or down and make your look interesting in the flash of an eye. And thus, in my humble opinion, they're worth an investement. The ones I'm sporting here are pair of J.Crew's which I managed to buy for a very democratic price (on sale at net-a-porter) last winter, and I've cherished them ever since. Here I wore them for a day of shopping with my beau and some some friends.

Statement Pants

Cardigan (Zara). T-shirt (H&M). Pants (J.Crew). Sunnies (H&M). Necklace (Gift from my mom). Bag (Furla). Belt (H&M). Watch (Vintage). Bracelet (Cathrine Sacks). Sneakers (Converse).


Moi: Tiger meets leopard

2 Oct 2013

One of the things I like about living in a city is being able to have your breakfast out of the house. But since I lost my heart at the countryside, that is one of life's little luxuries I have been forced to give up. Last weekend however was joyfully spent in Maastricht with the Boyfriend and a couple of friends, and the pictures below were snapped right before we were getting our morning coffee on Sunday.

I wore my tiger sweater (which is not a Kenzo rip-off FYI, it's from the FW2011-collection of a Belgian fashion designer) and my Tory Burch leopard flats (a mindblowing bargain I haven't told you about yet: I found them in a vintage shop for just € 80, original pricetag - € 219 - still attached on the obviously never-worn soles).

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

Jacket (Esprit). Sweater (Titi + The German Kid). Jeans (H&M). Sunnies (H&M). Scarf (Cos). Necklace (Forever 21). Bag (Furla), Watch (Vintage). Bracelet (Cathrine Saks). Flats (Tory Burch).


Looklove: Crop top craving

1 Oct 2013

Why hello there old chaps!

How have you been? Good I hope! I on the other hand am dying behind my computer screen from a severe cold and a few degrees of fever. So I'll make this a short one before I pass out on you! Just bringing you your weekly - well, I try - dose of outfit inspo. This week's episode is set at Paris Fashion week  and features... The Crop Top!

Crop top galore
Image. Crop Top (Zara, € 39,95). Jacket (Paul & Joe, € 515). Jeans (Topshop, € 52). Clutch (Marni, € 196,62). Booties (Fratelli Rossetti, € 469,95).

You like?


Moi: Casual dinner

11 Sep 2013

Why hello there!

Boy, am I happy that I snapped an outfit pic last weekend, for this week, we've seen nuttin' but rain. And the thought of walking around in thin-as-air PJ pants like the one I sported to a casual family dinner, would be quite unbearable.

I tossed in a wannabe Chanel jacket that I scored at Zara quite a few ages ago, my Marni clutch ànd a cute little pendant necklace I got from the lovely ladies of Yz'bel - a relatively young Belgian jewellery brand - while I was interning at Feeling last month.
Casual Dinner

Casual Dinner
Jacket (Zara). T-shirt (H&M). Pants (Etam - these are actually pyjamas by the way). Sunglasses (H&M). Ring (Saint Laurent). Knuckle rings (H&M). Necklace (Yz'bel). Watch (vintage). Sandals (Zara). Clutch (Marni).

Laterz dolls!


Looklove: First fall feeling

9 Sep 2013

Today I felt winter - okay, let's not overreact, fall - for the first time. The days are getting shorter already, the smell of the air is changing and you can almost feel the temperature decreasing.

So after having to wait on the platform for half an hour (bloody delays), still having my arse frozen off when I was finally on the train and then having to walk to my car in a mean drizzle, I am now sitting on my couch at last with a cup of soup (yes, soup, that's how miserable I felt!) dreaming of warm sweaters and wool pants.

First fall feeling
Image. Jacket (InWear, € 199,95). Sweater (InWear, € 119,95). Pants (Tory Burch, € 176,69). Hat (Monki, € 7,81). Booties (Sophia Webster, € 495).

How's your fall vibe? Already very present or are you still in indian summer?


P.S. I'm so getting that gorgeous white InWear-knit.

Weekend wonderings on fast fashion

7 Sep 2013


In case you've been living under a rock these days - a very large rock, that is - you've probably noticed that NYFW has kicked-off last Thursday. But instead of attacking like a fasion-famished person, I decided to take a step back this season...and contemplate. Yes, you probably wouldn't have guessed but I really do that sometimes.

You see, just like Azzedine Alaïa - who decided to jump of the merry-go-round of four (or even more) collections a year and launch his collections whenever he feels ready for it - I sometimes feel slightly fed-up with the excessivly huge supply of new fabrics, fashions and trends that flood us every year and are then quickly copied by highstreet stores, bought and tossed away even faster.

I follow a lot of other fashion blogs and time and time again I'm quite flabbergasted by the rate at which these ladies consume clothes. The outfits I show on my blog are often composed with a lot of old stuff. Some may like that, some might not. But at least you know that you're looking at an outfit of a person with an average income, who actually bought the pieces she's wearing instead of putting them on for show, before sending them back to the PR-lady who let her borrow them.

Besides, opposed to Anna Dello Russo - who's famous for her crazy-giant collection of clothes and won't wear the same piece ever again once she's been photographed in it - I love to treasure my pieces and wear them again and again and again. Be it the high-end splurge I allow myself every once (okay, twice) a year or the cotton white shirt that cost me a mere € 10 at H&M.

What are your thoughts? Is fashion going to fast? Or am I just to slow?

Either way, enjoy your weekend!


Bits of my life: Champagne

31 Jul 2013

Bonjour à tous!

This Wednesday I would like to state that there ain't nothing more fabulous than popping a bottle of Moët & Chandon on Sunday evening without having any special occasion for it. Well, we did want to celebrate that finally all our doors got their last coat of glossy black paint (my nails are very gratefull as well), but most of all we just wanted to toast on the fact that is was one of those perfect summer evenings.

And you wanna know what I think? I think we should all do that a lot more often!




Oh, how do you like my little faux-tattoo by the way? It's Bourjois!


Looklove: Leather pants and leopard loafers

30 Jul 2013

Bonjour mes chéries!

I'm writing this post in between cake-baking. You see, I have dear friend of mine coming over in a few hours and I figured I'd better take Julia Child's advice with both hands and party things up with a slice of chocolate and pear cake. Since I can't actually let you have a taste of my cake, I will try to make it up with a healthy dose of fashion snacks.

It is no secret that I adore all things leopard. As of today however I have been feeling a specific leopard loafer crave. Put'em in the mixer with a pair of casual leather pants and a classy jacket and you get a delicously rich batter. Bake for 20 mins and serve with pendant necklace and a clutch, et voilà!



Image 1&2. Leather pants (OAK, €431,97). Grey T-shirt (Zoe Karssen, €36,30). Navy blazer (Zara, €99,95). Robot pendant (Topshop, €13). Leopard loafers (Ted Baker, €145,81). Leather and paid clutch (Asos, €59,65). Plastic clutch (Klear Klutch, €79,53).

Have a Tuesdelicious day!


Bits of my life: To eat out, to order in and to cook

24 Jul 2013

I am a huge lover of food. That is above question. Please join me as I remenisce about three delightfull meals...

Eating out in Potatolicious in Ghent together with my beau, after visiting Het STAM. It's a lovely informal place where they serve large cooked potatoes, stuffed with different sorts of meat, fresh veggies and a variety of sauces.  I opted for a potato with chicken, barbeque sauce, orange, lettuce and sunflower seeds. In a word, yum!
at potatolicious

Enjoying a pizza with bacon, egg and parmesan from a local Italian take-away.

Or cooking myself: a salad of tomatoes, basil and mozarella, harty zuchinni-cakes and tuna-salad. Simple but very good! Oh, how do you like my new pepper and saltshakers, by the way? I got them from my dear sister for my birthday.
zucchini cakes


Meet Madame Mirabelle!

22 Jul 2013


How was your Monday dear sweetpea's? I sure as hell hope it wasn't half as miserable as mine, for I have been strechted out on the couch all day sipping sage tea to sooth my sore throat. Which wouldn't even be that bad, if it wasn't about a gazillion degrees outside (and inside for that matter). Luckily the newest addition to our little household is here comfort me with her purrs and quirks... Dear readers, let me introduce you to Mirabelle!


Isn't she a doll?!


P.S.: I'm wearing a Zara T-shirt, a Forever21 necklace, a J.Crew studded bracelet, &Other Stories bracelet, Oasis watch, Saint Laurent ring and H&M shorts and sunglasses.

Fruit print

19 Jul 2013

Fruit print

I say, m'dears, I have been feeling rather fruity these days. First of all I adore the above papaya print of Bouffants and Broken Hearts. In their webshop you can buy it as a framed art print, but also on an iPhone cover or a pillow. Ain't that great? It's a shame they don't sell it as a wall paper though, I think it would bringten up my toilet room jolly nice.

fruit print

Secondly, I can't seem to get enough of fruitprinted garments. I even devoted an entire pinboard to it! Check it out here.

And thirdly, I adore a slice of fruit in my drink...Champagne Sangria, here I come!

Enjoy your weekend sweety pies!


Bits of my life: Net-a-porter splurge

17 Jul 2013

"Oops, I did it again!" Those famous words spoken by my - I kid you not - all-time favourite popprincess, are oh-so very applicable here. I just couldn't help myself... Yes, m'dears, my wallet is on a very strong diet again, after my latest splurge in the Net-a-porter sales corner. I had already shared with you my whishlist. In the end I managed to narrow it down to three items:
Net-a-porter splurge

Curious to see what's in my bags and boxes?

Looklove: Geometric touches

15 Jul 2013

Why hello there!

How fabulous was your weekend? Mine was totes adorbs. On Saturday afternoon I went to a baby shower (in a quite adorable all-white outfit if I might add) and in the evening we went to sip mojito's with friends at Beau Soleil (a local open air summer bar with live gigs and dj's). On Sunday we went for a refreshing walk in the woods and hung out on the couch. Lovely! But now it's Monday again, and thus time for your weekly wardrobe inspo. This week I chose an outfit of stylist Giulia Tordini that I found on one of my favourite streetstyle blogs, Citizen Couture. I like how she toned down the geometric prints on her clutch and skirt by combining them with an oversized white tee and nearly flat whit sandals.

geometric touches

T-shirt (Topshop, €21). Skirt with curved hem (Topshop, €49). Mirrored sunglasses (Nasty Gal, €46,06). Gold-toned watch (Marc by Marc Jacobs, €303,54). Triangle necklace (Asos, €7,95). Rope bracelet with crystals (Noir Jewelry at €78,65). Withe clog sandals (Swedish Hasbeens, €91,46). Clutch with triangle print (Sergio Rossi, €1150).


Loving Laurent

14 Jul 2013


Because 'fashion fades, only style remains the same' (thanks for that catchy qoute Coco), I thought I'd share with you this thrillingly gorgeous photo, dated 1964. It has been snapped by Frank Horvat, an influent fashion photographer in the fifties and sixties. The timeless coat is designed by Yves Saint Laurent, who based the print of the fabric on the works of dutch painter Piet Mondriaan. Now, all the fascinating facts aside, all I really want to say is that I believe it to be totes gaaawwgeous!! But how else could it be? After all I'm a big sucker for all things labeled YSL, for one because I just love the design of the logo. I can't deny I'm still slightly mourning over the fact that they changed it to Saint Laurent Paris. After all, it ain't Laurent without Yves, right?


Psst, speaking of YSL, I scored this little trinket in sale. I had been eyeing it for over centuries, so right now I'm doing a happy dance to celebrate that it is finally safe and sound in my jewellery drawer.